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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Why should I use DemoFreak?
    A: DemoFreak is some sort of GUI Frontend if you would like to watch replays of interesting matches recorded within any Half-Life compatible Modification. It also gives you plenty of Information about the Demo before you start the playback.

  • Q: Can we put DemoFreak on our CD-ROM or distribute it with our magazine?
    A: Please contact hardlife for permission before doing so.

  • Q: Why are you doing this?
    A: I needed a way to read demo files for another project I was coding. After I failed looking for any valuable information regarding the demo file format I started with the creation of a simple demoanalyzer which evolved to DemoFreak now.

  • Q: Does DemoFreak support other game replays then Halflife Demos?
    A: We are planning on adding support for other popular games.

  • Q: How much does it cost?
    A: DemoFreak is free but will contain a small banner system in the future. (Nothing annoying!)

  • Q: Why does the Player details only show cl_xy and not other cvars?
    A: DemoFreak only displays playerinformation that was actually recorded in the demo (cl_cmdrate not f.e.) and what can be read with the current version.

  • Q: Will it be possible to directly create AVI files?
    A: Yes, with audio (hopefully). You will click on a "Create AVI..." option and receive your desired file for a demo. You will still need a HL installation.

  • Q: Will there be support for other Demo File Formats / Games ?
    A: Yes, though we are first targeting support of formats based on the Quake 1 DEM format, followed by various others.

  • Q: How to create movies using DemoFreak?
    A: DemoFreak is for starting your host game and display information about a demo file. You can use the "Play Extra > Startmovie" command to create a bunch of .bmp files from the action. You should check out this tutorial on that.

  • Q: How deos DemoFreak help me in league matches?
    A: Tell your opponent to start recording a single small demo. While doing so he should issue your desired commands and stop the demo recording. If he does "cvarlist ex_*" and "status" for example you or an administrator will be able to see the output/input from inside DemoFreak. Means, IP's/SteamID/Names/Settings.

  • Q: My mIRC window is not listed! How come?
    A: 1. Make sure you got at least mIRC v5.9+ 2. Make sure your mIRC's title contains "mIRC32". This is a bug which will be fixed in v0.6.6. In order to make it work now do this: Options > Display > Titlebar > Add mIRC32 to it or write "/titlebar mIRC32".

  • Q: DemoFreak starts Counterstrike 1.5 instead of Steam!
    A: DemoFreak uses the path to the hl.exe/cstrike.exe you specified (or was detected on first start) in options/preferences. Try to browse to your desired game which should be started.

  • Q: If selecting viewdemo, the demo won't start and steam fails with error!
    A: Please check your "Launch Options" for the game within steam. Change anything from "hl.exe -myparam" to "-myparam".

  • Q: I looked in every corner but can not find my friends STEAM ID!
    A: In order to display STEAMIDs, you must issue the "status" command in the console so it appears in the final demo file.

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