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:: Features/History


  • Free Software!
  • Shows used HL modification, Version, played Map, Network information, Demo Duration...
  • CS 1.6 demo support
  • Complete information about the server the demo was recorded on, Name, Maxplayers, Game, Mapcycle ...
  • Console output trace, shows everything you would see in the console window while watching the demo
  • Shows all players, their nickchanges as well as their used netsettings and commands in the demo
  • Fully supports HLTV demos and reads demos correctly in the way HL does
  • Customized command line setup
  • Displays Steam ID of players in demofile
  • Supports regular HL startdemo/playdemo/timedemo playmodes to start one or multiple demos at once
  • Shows all talk and ingame say/teamsay/messages/radiocommands/statusinformation/menu usage... all Gamemessages!
  • Ability to organise demo files in folders and browse them using an easy treeview
  • Export in-demo chat to textfiles
  • Detects corrupt demos and errors


  • Fixes major and minor problems with corrupt demos (needs some testing here): broken HLTV recordings, console bug, map bug, other unknown bugs
  • Scoreboard
  • IRC Demo Replay Bot that plays back a demo in a special channel
  • Cheat Detection, detect various Aimbot, Wallhack, Script usage that violates common Cheat Rules
  • Insert "Tag" message into demo to appear on replay. (Like "This Demo was from my XY PCW with XY. Contact me at ...")
  • Right-Click > instant information and playsupport on demos in Explorer
  • Support more games: WC3 Replays, UT, RTCW, Q1-3 Demo Support...


Version: 0.7.5 (upcoming)

  • fix: program freeze while switching between demos
  • fix: several issues related to freeze behaviour fixed
  • fix: minor fixes

Version: 0.7.0 (current release)

  • fix: copy demofile in correct directory (serious bug)
  • fix: minor performance increases on demo parsing
  • fix: mIRC window was not found under certain conditions
  • fix: access violation on close
  • fix: "invalid folder" message
  • fix: last viewed directory was not restored sometimes
  • fix: minor fixes/improvements
  • add: improved parsing code
  • add: copy data from playerinformation to clipboard
  • add: displays STEAMID in playerlist ("status" cmd needed, for now...)

Version: 0.6.5

  • add: implemented IRC Replay Bot Beta ;)
  • add: player and team score display per round
  • add: automatic "matchround" detection
  • add: advanced game version & type detection
  • add: direct playback start on doubleclick in explorer (options)
  • add: parse more gamemessages
  • add: online update check
  • fix: missing details in certain gamemessages
  • fix: filenames with spaces had problems on cmdline
  • fix: demo specified on cmdline was not loaded
  • fix: no details were shown for some players
  • fix: last console message color was used after selecting other file
  • fix: interface improvements

Version: 0.6.1

  • add: displays resolution demo was recorded
  • add: shows hltv spectator/slots/delay information
  • add: displays colored hud messages in console window
  • fix: viewdemo works now
  • fix: startmovie fps now set correctly
  • fix: startmovie cmd working
  • fix: problems with a few hltv server demos fixed
  • fix: improved parsing of hltv director servermessages
  • fix: optimized console diplay & output

Version: 0.6.0

  • nfo: First public release
  • add: Demospeed selection
  • add: Steam support
  • add: Internal HLDS emulation
  • fix: Freezing on reading demo files
  • fix: game_dll uppercase problem in a few demos
  • fix: File associations work now
  • fix: Duration is now correctly calculated
  • fix: GameMessage sorting
  • fix: Duplicated playernames

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